Set Screw Assortment Kits

The tip pressure of set screws prevents objects from moving relative to one another in assemblies where one object is housed inside another such as a pulley inside of a shaft.



Nothing has been done to this bare metal surface to improve appearance or corrosion resistance, which is very low if the material is steel. Often the surface has been oiled which improves lubricity. This finish is susceptible to rusting and corrosion in exterior environments. This most basic finish can be used when protection is not an issue or indoors.


Alloy Steel

This is the most general term for iron that has been combined with carbon, since all steel has some % of carbon, and at least one other element. Once the steel contains more than a specified threshold amount of a certain element it becomes an alloy. Each element has different threshold values and are used to improve some property of the steel. Common alloying elements are manganese, nickel, chromium, molybdenum, vanadium, and silicon.

System of Measurement


Also known as the SI system, this measurement system is used across the globe. It is based on multiples of ten and uses meters, centimeters, millimeters as its basic measurements.


Socket Set Screw Assortment Kit

An assortment of set screws with hex head keys for tightening and loosening. Comes with incrementally increasing sizes, part storage and a quick solution to ensuring the right size fastener is at hand when needed.
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