Bonding Adhesives

Bonding adhesives are general purpose glues that bond to a variety of substrates including wood, metal, glass and more.



Brushable adhesives are those that are applied with a brush rather than via spray or glue gun. Brushing is ideal for large or irregular surfaces.

Fast setting refers to adhesives that bond quickly.
High Performance

High performance adhesives are durable adhesives that may be used to bond a variety of substrates including wood, metal, glass, concrete, plastic and more.
Magnetic Bonding

Magnetic bonding adhesives ensue a secure connection between magnets in electric motors.
Moisture Curing

Moisture curing adhesives are reactive adhesives that require moisture or humidity to begin the process of curing.
Weather Resistant

Weather resistant adhesives holds up well under weather extremes.

Weather strip adhesives are designed to bond weather stripping but may also be used to hold rubber gaskets or corks in place. These adhesives can tolerate vibration and temperature extremes.


Plastic Adhesive

These adhesives bond with a number of plastic substrates as well as other materials.
Rubber & Gasket Adhesive

Rubber and gasket adhesives bond rubber to various surfaces and holds gaskets in place.
Structural Adhesive

Structural Adhesive Kit includes products for two step adhesion.
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