Padlocks are mechanism used to secure doors, windows, hasps, and other latched devices.

Key Type


A lock which uses a sequence of numbers to open.
Keyed Alike

All padlocks in the set are opened by the same key.
Keyed Different

Each lock is opened by its own unique key that does not open any other lock in the set.

This lock is opened through the use of a smartphone.


Bike Lock

Bike locks help to deter theft by securing bicycle frames and wheels to bicycle racks or other immovable objects.
Luggage Lock

These luggage locks are designed to grant access to TSA screeners while keeping your possessions inaccessible to would-be thieves. Luggage locks may be used with items such as computer bags, briefcases, and backpacks.
Bluetooth® Padlock

These Bluetooth® padlocks replace keys and combinations with convenient of cell phone application access.