Cloth Wipers and Rags

Cloth wipers and rags include towels, washcloths, and wipes of varying absorbencies and materials for general cleanup. These rags are available new, reclaimed or recycled.



Cotton wipers and rags are low-lint, highly-absorbent, general purpose cleaning cloths.

Flannel cleaning cloths are highly absorbent for use in a variety of general cleaning and polishing applications.

Fleece is an absorbent material useful for cleaning up spills, especially grease.

Microfiber cleaning cloths have thin fibers to maximize surface area. The ability to reach into small crevices, statically attract dirt, minimize the usage of water and chemicals, absorb oils, and remove particles without abrading surfaces make microfiber an ideal material for a cleaning cloth. Microfiber cloths are commonly used by auto detailers.
Polo Knit

Polo knit cleaning rags are made from reclaimed t-shirts. They are a low-lint, absorbent shop towel alternative.



Rags are pieces of cloth, often made from recycled clothing, used for general cleaning and wiping purposes.