Hanger Bolts

Hanger bolts have threaded areas at both ends: a lag screw thread at one end and machine screw thread on the other. They are designed for insertion into a pre-drilled hole and are ideal for overhead applications, such as suspending electrical wiring or sheet metal from wooden structures.


Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is steel combined with alloying elements, principally chromium, to enhance corrosion resistance and impart other desired properties depending upon the alloying elements in use and their proportions. Many stainless steel fasteners are non-magnetic or less magnetic than regular steel fasteners.

Steel is the most common fastener material due to its strength properties. Unalloyed steel may be surface treated to enhance corrosion resistance and other desirable properties.


Hanger Bolt

Used to mount electrical wiring and other objects to wood, hanger bolts are threaded on both ends for insertion into surfaces such walls and ceilings while securing a mounted object with the aid of a nut or tapped hole. Hanger bolts are also commonly used to connect components of wooden furniture.
Hanger Bolt - Plain Center

Plain center hanger bolts have an unthreaded middle section.