Cutting Wheels

Cutting wheels are thin wheels used with high speed cutting tools for cutting metals and light duty grinding.

Abrasive Material

Aluminum Oxide

Aluminum oxide is a commonly used abrasive material for grinding a variety of metals as well as cutting and finishing work.

Ceramic grain cutting wheels remove metal stock more quickly than other cutting wheels and have a long product life.
Silicon Carbide

Silicon carbide cutting wheels may be used on both hard and soft materials. In general, they cut faster than aluminum oxide wheels.

Zirconia cutting wheels are fast and long lasting, suitable for high-powered, rough grinding and cut-off applications in a variety of steels, alloys, and other ferrous metals.

Type Number

Type 1

Type I wheels are flat and used for cutoff applications or for grinding with the edge of the disc.
Type 27

Type 27 wheels have a depressed center and may be used in both cutting and grinding operations. These wheels conceal mounting hardware within a depressed center to allow for grinding with the bottom surface of the wheel.