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The deployment of 100,000-plus active devices reflects the value our customers place on service. This success derives from our ability to adapt to customer feedback over time on how to better service their supply chain needs around the use of industrial vending. The headline number is 100,000, but the key to delivering such a great value to the market is our ‘team behind the machine,’ including 14 regional distribution centers, 8,000+ delivery vehicles, 3,200+ in-market servicing locations, and 14,000+ local sales/service personnel.
- Jeff Hicks, Vice President – FAST Solutions

What Opportunities are in Your Supply Chain?


How much visibility do you have to parts usage and spend?


Are you struggling with access controls and overconsumption or product misuse?


Do you find excess or obsolete inventory to be a problem?


How long does it take employees to walk and wait for needed supplies?


How is product reordered? Is it a manual process?

Unlock the Power of Vending

The key: efficient supply chain technology supported by a local relationship. Our vending platform is designed to make sure you always have the right amount, of the right product, when and where it’s needed for the job – with no labor, waiting, or waste involved. You’d be able to free up cash, cut costs, better utilize talent, and ultimately focus more resources on the things that separate your business in the marketplace.

The Vending Advantage

Diverse lineup of machines to support wide-ranging product needs.

Dynamic reporting and real-time data: when, where, and how you want to see it.

Machines provided free of charge on a simple and straightforward service agreement. *Software fees apply.

Local Fastenal personnel monitor and replenish the machines - no paperwork or labor required.

Ongoing program optimization to keep pace with your changing business needs (right technology, right products, right amounts).

Partnering for Lower TCO

Custom Solutions Tailored for Your Business

In the past, it was a 'zero sum game' between accessibility and control - more of one meant less of the other. Fastenal's vending solutions upend that paradigm by making product both immediately available and fully secure and traceable at the point of use. The results: better productivity, less waste, and wide-ranging business improvements.
Control Inventory: Understand how much inventory is being used by who and for what project.
Track Inventory: Understand who's had the inventory and for how long.

The Team Behind the Machine

Without service, vending is just a device, a way to spin a coil or open a cabinet. It's the human element that unlocks the true power of vending - a team behind the machine dedicated to innovation, support, logistics, and service.