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Big Impact

What data do you use as a benchmark for continuous improvement?
Are you able to adapt to maintain efficiency in the face of shifting production needs?

How much inventory
do you have on hand?

How labour-intensive
are your supply processes?

How many vendors are you
utilizing for indirect materials?

At Fastenal our job is to listen, collaborate, and tailor a solution that aligns with your operation, your culture, and your goals. The journey begins with a benchmarking exercise to identify challenges and objectives, analyze your current process, and assess the value we can provide as a supply chain partner. The takeaway is a business plan for a more efficient future state, including performance metrics that reflect your business priorities.
Each solution is unique in terms of staffing, size, and scope, but all share three defining characteristics: dedicated personnel, consigned inventory, and a true partnership mindset, moving beyond an adversarial buyer/seller paradigm to pursue common goals, open communication, and shared success.
Custom Solutions

1. EXPERTS - With an onsite partnership, we provide a dedicated team to execute a
supply program aligned with your strategic goals. Their job: integrate with your operation,
engage with your stakeholders, and run a world-class supply chain for your business.

2. INVENTORY - Fastenal-owned inventory is stocked onsite to anticipate demand. This
inventory remains on our books until it reaches your stocking locations, and the first
time your personnel touch the product is when they’re ready to use it.

3. LOGISTICS - Planned product needs are stocked in our regional distribution center
and delivered via Fastenal truck on a regular service schedule.

- Providing a view of your current inventory (by location) as well as usage/spend activity. Gain insight into what is being used, who is using it, and at what velocity, to shape smart business decisions.

5. POINT-OF-USE REPLENISHMENT - Our onsite team orchestrates a lean flow of inventory to production lines and various point-of-use devices. This can include automated solutions that bring traceability and control to high-moving or critical items.

6. MULTI-LEVEL SUPPORT - The program is supported by our district and regional sales leadership, our regional DC team, and various subject matter experts. A key resource is the local Fastenal branch, which serves as a back-up stocking/service center as well as a same-day source for 10,000+ high-demand ‘spot buy’ needs.


Challenging convention and continually seeking a better way.


Reflecting your unique needs, priorities, and goals.


Instilling lasting improvements and long-term value; bringing solutions aligned with your social and environmental goals.

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