FAST Solutions® Onsite

Our distribution system has been built from the ground up to provide local inventory and service at virtually any global location — including YOUR facility. Through an Onsite partnership, we'll bring our experts, products, and solutions within your four walls, driving cost savings and productivity gains in every corner of your business.

  • All inventory management functions are handled by your onsite Fastenal team — the first time your employees touch the product is at the point of use
  • Consigned onsite inventory — we own it until it's on your production floor
  • Customized inventory modeling to eliminate stock-outs
  • Immediate access to planned needs and a variety of spot buys
  • Detailed usage reporting — who, what, and when
  • Documented continuous TCO improvement

  • Fastenal pioneered the onsite service model, and we currently operate hundreds of onsite customer programs
  • Full program customization based on process mapping exercise
  • Leverage your OEM and MRO spend with our full-line product offering
  • Total commitment to service — no other supplier invests as aggressively in people, infrastructure, and technology solutions for our customers