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At Fastenal, e-commerce isn’t a substitute for local service – it’s a way to move closer to your business. In a marketplace where 24 to 48 hour fulfillment is the expectation, our nationwide branch network supports same-day or one-day service for thousands of high-demand items. Our service within your facilities produces digital insights, enabling you to visualize your inventory and spend in unique ways. And instead of being processed in a remote warehouse, web orders are handled by your local Fastenal service team – people focused on driving your strategic goals, not just packing and shipping orders.

My Availability
  • • My Inventory - immediately available within your facility
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  • • EXPRESS - available same-day* or next-day
  • *One-hour branch pickup or same-day delivery
    Fastenal EXPRESS®
    Making it easy to identify and order products available for same-day or next-day fulfillment. Look for the EXPRESS icon or use the EXPRESS filter while shopping.
    Electronically review, edit, and approve quotes from your servicing Fastenal branch, including suggested bin stock and vending replenishment orders – all without having to enter or retype data.
    Alternate Items
    View the item you originally searched for as well as alternatives that offer the same fit, form, and function – potential solutions for a faster lead time or lower cost.
    Order Templates
    Save time by creating lists of recurring product needs you can quickly reorder at any time, including templates for parts associated with certain locations, projects, or equipment.
    24/7 Locker Pickup
    In a growing number of markets, a locker pickup fulfillment option is offered during checkout. When your order is ready, you’ll receive instructions and a unique PIN to retrieve it, either from an automated locker outside your local Fastenal branch or an existing Fastenal locker within your facility.

    Control rogue spending: Utilize advanced permissions and controls to maintain authorized users, establish individual employee purchase limits, and customize an approval workflow to avoid non-compliant spending. As an administrator, you can create hard-locked budgets with dollar limits per order or time period.

    Drive contract compliance: Leverage a full P2P integration between your procurement system and ours. Directly access a custom catalogue of contract-compliant Fastenal products. Utilize filters and custom messaging to gravitate users to strategic purchases.

    The traditional e-commerce model is narrowly focused on efficient transactions – making it easy to buy. But in the B2B purchasing environment, the ease of a transaction must be balanced with effectiveness. After all, if a purchase is non-compliant, off-contract, or redundant, the efficiency of the transaction is irrelevant. Our goal is to help you realize a deeper value – an efficient process that drives your strategic purchasing goals with each transaction. 

    Gain Visibility to Your Supply Chain by using the FAST 360° dashboard:

    My Business
    – Visualize how your Fastenal-managed inventory is organized across all locations, including product planograms of vending machines and bin stocks.
    My Inventory
    – Makes your entire Fastenal inventory refined and searchable, the only tool of its kind in the industry. See if a needed product is already on hand within your facility (including its exact location), eliminating delays and unnecessary purchases.
    My Spend
    – Analyze your Fastenal spend by time period, category, individual SKU, or fulfillment channel to discern trends and opportunities.
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    Unplanned purchasing is part of running a complex business, but by nature it’s a reactive, expensive way to procure product. With no ability to forecast and plan, the supplier is limited to providing a fast lead time (for a non-strategic purchase), reducing the value proposition to a single word: “soon”. The easier e-commerce becomes, the easier it is to lapse into a cycle of more and more spot-buy transactions – with less planning, diminished buying power, and more delays and costs.

    As a strategic partner, part of our job is to help you reverse that trend and funnel more spend to a strategic, planned supply process. We do this by analyzing your e-commerce activity and looking for opportunities to consolidate redundant SKUs, switch to more cost-effective alternatives, and supply recurring purchases as part of a planned inventory program. The goal is to shift from a reactive cycle of identify, order, wait, receive, repeat to something much more efficient: right part, right amount, right place, right now.

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    From getting you set up for web ordering to crafting a custom B2B integration solution, our experts are ready to help you streamline your procurement process.