FAST Solutions® Bin Stock

Our bin stock solutions range from basic pigeonhole bins to complex production-line systems, but all are backed by the same-day inventory and hands-on service of our local stores. Choose who monitors the inventory, generates orders, and puts the product away. We will tailor a solution that keeps the right amount of product flowing, when and where you need it.

Each of our 30,000-plus customer bin stock programs is unique, but all share a common foundation. That includes a labeled location for each part, a targeted min/max inventory range for each location, and a nearby Fastenal branch to stock the product and keep it flowing. Our local presence enables us to tailor a solution that meets your needs for delivery, service, and control.

Stock — Assign unique location and bin position to part numbers
Consume — Create new orders by scanning FMI labels
Analyze — Increase or reduce min/max parts, as well as add or remove parts and stocking locations
Adjust — Optimize inventory to reflect usage at your facility or at your local Fastenal branch

Your local Fastenal branch representative monitors your bin stock inventory. You review and approve the orders via your account. Your Fastenal representative will then deliver and put the parts away. New storage equipment, professional labels, and custom signage can be provided free of charge as part of the local service agreement.

Why FMI?

  • Local Fastenal branch service:
    • Ability to visit as often as necessary to meet your inventory reduction goals
    • Emergency inventory that can be typically delivered within an hour
  • Less inventory buildup and fewer touches with point-of-use delivery
  • Barcoded inventory with accurate item tracking by location/GL code
  • Reduced paperwork via a touchless reordering process (blanket POs, P-Cards, etc.)
  • Vendor consolidation through our full-time OEM and MRO offering
  • More than 125 dedicated Lean Six Sigma implementation specialists to oversee larger, more complex installations


  • Process mapping
  • Workstation design
  • Just-in-time (JIT) systems
  • Kanban
  • Point-of-use delivery stations
  • Kitting analysis/custom packaging