FMI Technology

Your team is great at what you do. So is ours, and what we do best is inventory management, an area we pioneered and continue to dominate in our industry. When it comes to inventory solutions, technology is key, but what truly sets Fastenal apart is something much more basic — our ability to stock product minutes away, visit regularly to keep the right amount flowing, and do what we do best, so you can thrive at what you do best.

Unlock the Power of Technology

By definition, technology is a tool to achieve practical benefits. For organizations that use FMI Technology, those benefits include improved access to supplies, a reduction in consumption and inventory, and clear visibility into usage. It adds up to a more proactive, transparent, and efficient supply chain. Unlock the power of technology to unlock productivity and profits in your business.

The Right Balance

The FMI Technology lineup centers on the following concepts. These building blocks can be combined and customized to provide a solution as unique as your business.




Manual bin stock service
enhanced by mobility
technology. Visualize what you
have and where it is.




Technologically-enhanced bin
solutions that provide 24/7
inventory monitoring. Visualize
what you have on hand, where it's
located, and current inventory status.



Control & Track

Solutions to control and track high-volume consumables as well as assets. Provides 24/7 access, flexible controls, and deep visibility into usage: who, what, where, when, and why.

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"The technology, RFID and IR bins, was just above our expectations. It might be the biggest change for us. The data we receive, the min-maxes, the amounts, the restocks — all of it helps us know what's happening in the process. And Fastenal already knows that because they have our data."

- Mike Carroll, Operations Manager for Gorman-Rupp
(Industrial pumps manufacturer)

A Great Solution Begins with a Good Conversation

Talk to us about your inventory challenges and let us present ideas to make an impact. Remember the machine itself isn't the solution; it's what's behind it: local inventory, daily service, and a commitment to continuous improvement. Fill out this form to start the conversation today.

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