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Why Register?

Before you can place an order on, you'll need to set up an account. Registering will also give you access to a multitude of great features:

  • Easily view your local branch inventory availability
  • Create purchasing work flows by setting up ordering limits and approvals for individual employees
  • Create order templates for fast reorders

Added benefits of registering with your Fastenal account number:

  • View your custom pricing, discounts and cross-referenced part numbers
  • Have your orders delivered by your local Fastenal sales rep, pick up the product at the branch, or have items shipped directly to you
  • Use your Fastenal charge account as payment
  • View your open invoices and orders online
  • Gain access to FAST 360 for detailed information regarding your account and relationship with Fastenal.

Accessing the Registration Page

  • Click Sign In, in the blue bar at the top right of the page
  • Click Register, located next to Don't have an account? This will begin the registration process.

NOTE: To register, you'll need your account number and two previous invoice numbers. This information allows Fastenal to identify authenticity and properly link each user to the correct account.

Creating a New Account

  • Enter your email address and password, then read and agree to the Terms of Registration — Click Register
  • Enter the security code that was emailed to you. If your security code is not received in a few minutes, check your Junk or Spam folders.
  • Enter your Fastenal Account Number, if known. Your customer account number can be found on any packing slip or invoice
  • Enter a Fastenal Invoice Number Click Register
  • If you do not have a Fastenal invoice number, click the box next to I do not have an invoice number.
  • Your registration request will go to your local Fastenal branch for approval, which may take up to three business days.

Signing into Your Account

Each time you visit, you'll want to sign in to your account.

  • Click Sign In at the top of the page
  • Enter your email address and password. If you are not on a shared computer, check the Remember Me box to keep your credentials stored for your next visit to
  • If you have forgotten your credentials, click Forgot Password
  • Click Go

FAST 360° provides you with a view of your item inventory and spend, managed by Fastenal. Using part-level data from your Fastenal vending machine and bin stock, Fastenal is able to offer you inventory visibility and spend analysis to products and locations in a variety of ways.

My Business

My Business allows you to drill down into each facility, Fastenal-managed location(s), bin stock and/or vending machines, all the way down to an individual part. This detailed information is like a blueprint for your Fastenal devices. You can see what parts are where and at what levels they're currently stocked.

  • Facilities shows the individual addresses associated with the account.
  • Click on a particular facility to view the associated locations within that facility.
  • Bin stocks & vending machine planograms are interactive. Click the 'View Planogram' link for SKU-level details on each item in the device.
  • Work with your Fastenal representative to make modifications to the names used on any of the Facilities, Locations and Devices.

My Inventory

Find what you need with this powerful tool. You can search by part number, description, or category to see if a product currently resides within one of your Fastenal-managed devices. Using My Inventory will allow you to search for a part within your facility before making an unnecessary purchase. Analyze stocked items in order to identify efficiencies and cost savings opportunities.

  • Use the filter to refine results based on account number, channel or category.
  • The search feature allows you to search by Fastenal part number, your part number (when set up by Fastenal) or part description. Any devices in which the part(s) reside will be displayed.
  • Hover over the device name in the My Location column to see the facility and location where the device exists. Click on the device name to view the planogram.

My Inventory Location(s)

When signed in on, your My Inventory Location(s) data is displayed on the product details page. The My Inventory Location(s) sidebar displays if a particular part is stocked in your bin stocks or vending machines, to help you find your purchased inventory and avoid making an unnecessary purchase. Know what facility, location, device (vending machine / bin stock) and individual part location of a product.

My Spend

With Fastenal, your organization has the unique ability to easily track spend through My Spend. My Spend shows a breakdown of invoice data by account number, facility, sales channel and/or category. You can use the powerful search bar to navigate through your spend seamlessly. This information can be used to analyze your spend and identify purchasing trends.

  • The pie charts on this screen are interactive. Hover over a pie piece for sales channel or category breakdown and then click to filter the information.
  • The information grid at the bottom of the page includes a scroll bar to display several columns of data.  

Shipping Addresses

Ths shipping addresses are saved locations you can choose from, when ordering product. They represent the physical location that you would like your product to be delivered.

Billing Addresses

A billing address is the location to which you'd like your invoices sent. The billing address will pull from the primary account from which you are shopping. This address is loaded by your Fastenal branch, in the point of sale system.

What is a default address or a public address?

The default address is the address that will load automatically each time you place an order. To save time, make your default address the one used most often — eliminating the need to change it each time you order product. If an address is made public, other users on your account will have access to it when placing orders. They can use the address, but they cannot edit or delete it.

Accessing Your Addresses

Your saved shipping address information can be accessed from the Account Management page in the My Account section.

  • Sign in
  • Click My Account
  • Click Account Management
  • Click Shipping Address Management

Adding or Editing a Shipping Address

Once you are in the Shipping Address Management screen, you can add or edit an existing address.

  • Click Add New Address to add an address
  • To make this address your default, select Make this address my default
  • Select Make this address available if you'd like other account users to have access to the address
  • To edit an existing address, select the correct account number and then click the Edit icon of that address
  • Add or modify the address information
  • Click Save

Please note: Red asterisks indicate required fields.

Deleting a Shipping Address

Shipping addresses can only be deleted by the user that created them.

  • Click the Delete icon located in the shipping address box you wish to delete.

Placing an Order

After you click Proceed to Checkout from the Shopping Cart, you will need to confirm order information (or make changes if necessary).

  • Select a previously entered Shipping Address, or add a new one
  • The Billing Address will pull from the primary account number you are shopping under
  • Select a Delivery Method for your order. Change the Servicing Branch if needed. This allows you to have another branch fulfill your order if you are at a different location
  • Specific order information, such as PO number, Job number, and Special Instructions can be entered on the previous Cart screen.
  • Special Instructions can be viewed and edited from the Checkout screen
  • Select a Payment Method; you can use your Fastenal charge account or a credit card
  • Select Place Order

Order Fulfillment

Your orders aren't filled by some warehouse on the other side of the country. Your order is assembled by your local Fastenal branch and handled just like it would if you called or asked your Fastenal rep to order it for you. Think of as an extension of your local branch, giving you the ability to manage your orders online while still receiving the personal service of your local Fastenal sales representatives.

Accessing your Credit Card Information

Credit card information is saved for each individual user, and is not accessible to other users on your account.

  • Sign in
  • Click My Account
  • Click Account Management
  • Click Credit Card Management

Adding or Editing Credit Cards

Credit card information can be modified or added from the Credit Card Management page.

  • Click Add New Card
  • Enter the card number, name on card, expiration date for the card, and CVV code
  • To save this information, click Add

To edit or delete an existing card, or to make an existing card the default card, click Modify Existing Card

  • Select the correct card to update and click Edit.
  • Make the necessary changes to Expiration Month or Year, if needed
  • Click Update
  • To delete the card, click Delete


What are the benefits of saving my credit card information?

Saving your credit card information for your account allows you to easily check out without entering your credit card information each time you place an order.

How do I know my information will be safe? is secured using Symantec Website Security Solutions, ensuring that our website is scanned for malware daily. All traffic is encrypted, and your credit card information is never stored on our servers.

Modifying Your Store Accounts

Only account administrators have access to the Store Accounts page. Admins can add, edit, view, and authenticate accounts.

  • Sign in
  • Click My Account
  • Click Store Accounts

Authenticating Accounts: To confirm your web account should be linked to your Fastenal store account(s), you'll need to enter two invoice numbers. Authenticating your account also unlocks features such as viewing open balances and statements online.

Electronic Invoicing: You can enroll in electronic invoicing to receive your invoices online, or via email or fax. To edit this information, click on the billing method listed and modify your settings.

Adding Additional Account Numbers After Registration

Some customers have multiple account numbers. Examples of this could be separate accounts for MRO, OEM, and Vending, or using multiple branch locations for job sites or projects outside of your main branch's servicing area. You can add multiple account numbers to your online registration for purchasing or viewing history and usage from a single login.

As an administrator, you can add additional Fastenal branch accounts to your registration at any time from the Account Management page.

If the Fastenal branch account you are attempting to add has already been registered online by another user, you will not be able to add it to your account. Please contact the Fastenal Web Support team for assistance.

  • Sign in to your account
  • Click My Account
  • Click Account Management
  • Click Store Accounts
  • To add a new account, click Add Store Account. You will be asked to enter the Customer Number and an Invoice Number.
    • If you do not have an invoice number, check the box next to "I do not have an invoice number" — a request will be sent to your local branch to validate the account.
  • To remove an account, select the check box next to the account number you wish to remove, then click Remove Selected and confirm the change.

Accessing My Profile

Any user can change their account information and password via the My Profile page.

  • Sign in
  • Click My Account
  • Click Account Management
  • Click My Profile

Forgot Your Password?

Click the Forgot Password link on the Sign In page, and enter the email address that is associated with your account. An email will be sent to you with a link that allows you to reset your password.

Changing Your User Information & Password

Update your name, phone number, and password, as well as select an account number to shop with.

  • Modify your First Name and/or Last Name
  • Change your Phone Number
  • Change your password by clicking the box next to Change Password
  • Enter your current password
  • Enter and confirm your new password
  • Click Save
  • Change the account number you are shopping with by selecting a different one in the Change Primary Account area
  • Multiple accounts are only available if an account administrator has added additional branch account numbers
  • To save any modifications made click Save

Viewing Open Invoices

This page shows outstanding invoices and other activity on your account. You can look at each invoice individually, or view account transactions.

  • Filter results by setting the customer account number, start date, and end date
  • To view invoice details, click on the highlighted invoice number in the Invoice # column
  • To view payment details, click on the highlighted link in the Payment Details column

Accessing Your Open Invoices

The Open Invoices page allows you to view your account balance and individual invoices. This information is updated daily.

  • Sign in
  • Click My Account
  • Click Open Invoices

Accessing Your Usage Reports

Usage reports allow you to view valuable information on your spend, usage, and ordering frequency with Fastenal.

  • Sign in
  • Click My Account
  • Click My Usage

Reviewing Your Usage and Spend

Review your usage data and spend using the My Usage page.

  • Select the Facilities to include in your report
  • Set a Start Date and End Date
  • Use the Channel and Category Filter to filter your results

The Open Orders tab allows you to view each order that is created and its current state in the order process. Details of the order, including parts, quantities, shipping information, and delivery details, are all available. Each user can view orders that they have created. Account administrators can view orders created by all account users.

  • Sign in
  • Click My Account
  • Click Open Orders
  • To see orders from a specific time frame, change the Start and End Dates
  • To see order details, click on the highlighted order confirmation number in the Order # column

Adding an Item to Your Shopping Cart

Once you've located a part, the product details page displays valuable information about the item, and allows you to add the item to your shopping cart.

  • From the product details page, enter the quantity you'd like to order
  • The product details page will display the unit of measure in which the item is sold (i.e. Each, Package, Case, etc.)
  • Click Add to Cart to place the item in the shopping cart
  • When an item is successfully added to the cart, a green message will temporarily appear in the top right corner of the page, confirming that the part was added to your cart

Items can also be added to your shopping cart using predefined Order Templates or the Excel Upload feature. You can also use the Fast Order Pad, which allows you to quickly enter part numbers and quantities.

  • Click on Fast Order Pad (located in the blue bar at the top right of the screen
  • Enter the part number and quantity you wish to add to your cart
  • Once all parts have been entered, click Add to Cart

Accessing Your Shopping Cart

In the blue bar at the top of the screen, you'll see the shopping cart icon. An orange circle displays the number of items currently in the cart. To access your cart:

  • Sign in
  • Click Cart icon

Reviewing Your Shopping Cart

From your shopping cart, you can make modifications to your order before submitting it to Fastenal.

  • Edit the Quantity to adjust the amount ordered
  • Click the Delete icon to remove an item from your cart
  • Enter a PO number, Job number, and/or Special Instructions under the Purchase Order Details section
  • Click Proceed to Checkout to begin the checkout process

Accessing Users & Permissions

Any user can change their account information and password via the Users & Permissions page.

  • Sign in
  • Click My Account
  • Click Account Management
  • Click Users & Permissions

Modify a User Account

Users can be added, activated, deactivated, or modified by an administrator at any time by using the Users & Permissions page.

  • To deactivate a user, click Deactivate on the row with the user's information
  • To add a new user, click New User and enter the required information (name, contact information, security level, etc.)
  • To edit a user, either select the box next to the username and click Edit Selected, or click the Edit icon for that user's row
  • User information, such as name, email, phone number, security level, group, and purchase limit, can be set within this view
  • To save changes, click Update

Security Levels

  • Administrator: Has unlimited purchasing power, can approve orders and update users on the account.
  • Purchaser: Has the ability to purchase without limitations, requiring no approvals from others.
  • Approver: Has the ability to purchase without limitations.
  • Requestor: Has the ability to create orders, but they must be approved by an approver before being submitted.

Purchasing Options Details

All of these account details can be modified by an account administrator. Only the account administrator has access to the Users & Permissions page.

  • Allow Unlimited Purchases: This allows a user to make purchases without any limitations or approvals.
  • Only Request Purchases: This limits a user to requesting purchases. All purchase requests will be submitted to an approver via email (selected in the default purchase request approver section). The approver is then able to access the purchase request, make any necessary modifications, and approve or deny the order.
  • Limit Purchases: This allows limitations to be set on the dollar amount per order, or the amount spent in a certain time period. Orders over the set amount will automatically be sent to the approver. Anything under that amount will be submitted as an order to Fastenal.
  • Purchase Request Approvers: These are the users on the account that have been granted purchase request approval priviliges. One or more approvers can be selected to receive order requests. An email notification will be sent to them once the request is submitted.

eQuote Benefits

eQuotes allow you to view quotes sent to you from your local Fastenal branch. You can review, edit, and approve the order, all from

  • Quickly approve orders
  • Make changes to quantities or add parts without contacting your sales representative
  • Receive immediate email notification when a quote is pending approval
  • Get orders processed faster by eliminating the need to fax, email, or call your Fastenal branch

Accessing Your eQuotes

Each time an electronic quote is created by a branch, an automated email is sent to notify you. You can approve the eQuote directly from the email by clicking One-Click Approve. Clicking the View Online button will allow you to view the eQuote on You can also access pending, rejected, or approved eQuotes by going directly to

  • Sign In
  • Click My Account
  • Click eQuotes

Approving the Order

Before approving an eQuote, you can review all the details, modify quantities, and add or delete items from the quote.

  • On the eQuote screen, click the Quote Number to review the quoted items. To view more information about an item on the quote, click on the SKU for that item to see details.
  • To delete the quote, click Reject.
  • To make changes to the quantities or parts, click Add to Cart.
  • Change a quantity by editing the Qty field.
  • Remove a part from the eQuote by clicking the Remove icon at the far right.
  • Add parts using the Fast Order Pad in the shopping cart.
  • To process the order, click Proceed to Checkout.
  • Enter the address information, payment method, and any special instructions, then click Place Order.

Why Upload?

The Upload Excel Sheet feature allows you to instantly create a shopping cart from an existing Excel spreadsheet.

The benefits of uploading orders using an Excel file:

  • Eliminate the time spent entering each part number into the shopping cart individually.
  • Cut down on errors made while entering orders.
  • Quickly transfer data from your system's inventory reports to your shopping cart.

Accessing Excel Upload

Placing an order by merging part numbers and quantities from an Excel spreadsheet can be done from the Fast Order Pad link in the blue bar at the top of the screen.

  • Sign in
  • Click Fast Order Pad

Upload Your Spreadsheet

Before merging an Excel file into your shopping cart, make sure the file is formatted correctly.

  • Create and save an Excel file with the item and quantity for each part you wish to order
  • An Excel template can be downloaded by clicking Download
  • The SKUs must be formatted as Text to prevent losing any leading zeros
  • Click Browse and locate the Excel file on your computer
  • Once the file name appears in the upload field, click Upload
  • The file name, as well as a count of total items listed, valid items, and any invalid items, will list below the upload box.
  • To the right of the Upload Excel Sheet box, the Fast Order Pad will populate with the items that were loaded.
  • Review any lines that say "invalid sku" or are missing other information.
  • To process this order, click Add to Cart


Request Process

Order requests are orders created by other users that will not be submitted to Fastenal without approval from an account approver. These purchase limits and approvers are set up in the Users & Permissions page by an account administrator.

Notification Process

If an order is created that surpasses a user's purchasing limits or if the order is created by a request only user, an email will be sent to the approver(s)of that user. A link in the email will direct the approver to the order request.

Checking Order Status

After the order is approved or rejected, the requestor will receive an email notification. Once an order is submitted, approvers can also review the order details from the Open Orders section of the My Orders page.

Submitting Your Order Requests

The checkout process is slightly different for request only users and users placing orders above their purchase limits.

  • After optionally entering a PO number, Job number, and/or Special Instructions, click Proceed to Checkout from the shopping cart page.
  • For users with a set purchase limit who have created a shopping cart with a value that exceeds this limit, a message will appear at the top right of the screen stating that the order is over the purchase limit.
  • Select the shipping address, delivery option, payment method, and any special instructions for the order.
  • Click Place Order to send the order to the approver(s).
  • For those users who are Requestors, a notification email will be sent to the user and the approver for order confirmation

Accessing Your Requests

Order requests can be accessed by the approver(s) on the My Account page of

  • Sign in
  • Click My Account
  • Click Pending Approval

Approving Your Requests

Once an order request is created, an approver will need to access the order and finish the checkout process in order to submit it for processing.

  • From the Pending Approval page, click the Order Number to open the order details.
  • To reject a request, click the Reject button for that request.
  • Add any comments needed in the comment box.
  • To approve a request, click the Approve button for that request.
  • Once a request is acted upon, the user will receive an email that the order was either sent to Fastenal or rejected.

What are Order Templates?

An order template is a saved list of products that you can reorder from at any time.

The benefits of using order templates:

  • Quickly reorder items without searching for each part number.
  • Create multiple templates based on locations, frequency of orders, or even down to specific parts needed for projects or machines.
  • Save all your frequently ordered parts in one place for easy access.

Creating an Order Template

Once you have a list of items in the shopping cart, you can easily save this list as an order template.

  • From the Shopping Cart screen, select Save as Template in the Shopping Cart field.
  • Enter a Template Name
  • A Description can also be added to further detail the parts in the list.
  • Select the use or edit options to enable other users within your company to access this template.
  • Allow Others To Use gives permission to other users under the same account to view and use the order template.
  • Allow Others To Edit gives other users under the same account the ability to edit the order template.
  • Click Save to create the new template.

Ordering from an Order Template

Templates can be used to add items to the shopping cart in two different ways. All of the items in a template can be sent to the shopping cart, or you can select items from a template to add to the shopping cart.

  • Sign in to your account, then click Order Templates on the My Account page.
  • To add all of the template's items to your shopping cart, click the Cart icon for the templates you wish to add.
  • To add individual items to the cart, select the Template Name.
  • Use the check boxes in the left hand column to select items to add to the shopping cart.
  • The quantities can be changed by updating the number in the Qty field in the shopping cart.
  • Click Add to Cart to place these items in the shopping cart.

Modifying Your Order Template

Templates can be modified to delete items, change quantities, or remove outdated templates.

  • Sign in to your account, then click Order Templates on the My Account page.
  • Click the Delete icon for a particular template to delete the entire template.
  • Click the template's name to view, modify, or delete the list of items included in the template.

Searching for Products

The website makes more than 150,000 parts available online. You can quickly access information on these items, including your local branch availability, your custom pricing, CAD drawings, SDS documentation, and product specifications. also offers the ability to view the website and product information in French. The power of Fastenal is at your fingertips!

There are multiple ways to search for products on You can even use your own part numbers or descriptions, including special stock products that your local store provides you.

Search Bar: Enter a keyword, descriptive attribute, manufacturer, Fastenal part number, or your own internal part number into the search bar.

Use the Shop Categories menu to locate parts by browsing through product categories.