Round-Mall Washers

Available in an array of sizes and styles, Fastenal round-mall washers secure an object in any application. Durable construction and a long lasting finish ensure a secure hold.



Nothing has been done to this bare metal surface to improve appearance or corrosion resistance, which is very low if the material is steel. Often the surface has been oiled which improves lubricity. This finish is susceptible to rusting and corrosion in exterior environments. This most basic finish can be used when protection is not an issue or indoors.



Steel is the most common fastener material due to its strength properties. Unalloyed steel may be surface treated to enhance corrosion resistance and other desirable properties.
Material: Steel
System of Measurement: Imperial (Inch)
System of Measurement: Imperial (Inch)
Nominal Size Finish SKU Pkg Qty Price
Nominal Size Finish SKU Pkg Qty Price
1/2" Hot Dip Galvanized 0128538 EA
5/8" Hot Dip Galvanized 0128539 EA
3/4" Hot Dip Galvanized 0128540 EA
Plain 11102538 EA